Over the past 18 months Zuzana and I, along with my best friend Benjamin, have realized again and again, that if you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one.

Let me specify that, if you chase seventeen rabbits and an occasional hare you will CERTAINLY not catch anything.

Over the past 18 months we have dabbled in the following areas:

-we have developped a game. It’s a good game, it’s fun, it’s challenging, we’ve tested it, people are into it. We have of course no idea how to sell it. Nor do we look into that, we are too busy chasing other rabbits.

-we have ‘launched’ Bratislava Live. Which is supposed to be a copy of the interview show called London Real hosted by Brian Rose (check it out), but ehm, we haven’t had one interview. We are modern slackers though. We do have a Facebook page…

-we are talking about ‘launching’ the Walnut Social Club, an idea we got from Tim van Zwieteren, our good friend over in Vietnam.

-we have come up with a book, the ‘child’ of this blog, The Authenticity Diary. See the cover below. I’m not saying we are doing everything wrong. I mean, this diary is pretty fucking good. Zuzana designed the cover, we were lucky to find someone willing to do the layout. Mary Fincher all the way over in Canada edited the English version. Oliver Noël, all the way over in Poland translated it to French. The very dependable Annamária Vrbová translated it into impeccable Slovak. Devin Printing House has gone to great lengths to provide us with the best service. The printer is one of the most driven people we’ve met here in Slovakia.

You sense a ‘but’ coming, right?

But we suck at marketing! I mean, really, look at this blog, not exactly visually appealing, you can give it to me straight, I know anyway.

So, it remains to be seen if we can sell this particular rabbit.

-have I mentioned that we both have more than full time teaching jobs?

-I read slightly more than a book every two weeks in 2016. Earlier today a random Facebook ‘friend’ posted a pic of books he’s bought.

With a mixture of disgust and amazement I had to conclude that I’ve read seven of the books pictured here. Seven! Seriously? William, get a fucking life!


-I’ve been running around offer free therapy -if such a thing exists- to all that apply. And MANY people apply if you’re offering free therapy. I’ve learned tons of things about calming people down, helping them figure out what they really want, helping them overcome trauma, but ehm, I do have to pay the bills, so instead of doing this for free I’d like to get paid for this. It’s my biggest passion, I suppose, and my calling. Or as the Japanese say: my Ikigai. Except, it’s not really my Ikigai, because you’re supposed to get paid for your Ikigai.


-No, we’re not done yet. Zuzi has come up with some very pretty Christmas cards and some really nice T-shirts. Do we know how to sell these artistic rabbits? Nope. Check out her instagram page.

-Worked on a total of three novels, no four, in 2016. Haven’t finished a single one, though I’ve written more in 2016 than in the four years before (and I was working as a propaganda writer in those days, so you can imagine I’ve been writing quite a bit)

-we’re working on workshops to help women date better guys… I’m not going to explain this here, would take us for a looooong stroll….

I’ve probably left out a couple of rabbits. Right, you see, we also do translations. I translated several texts to English in 2016. Hey, anything that pays the bills.

You know what though? Doing anything that pays the bills is a LOUSY STRATEGY.

You know what a good strategy is? To clearly define which rabbit you want to chase, and not chase after all the fucking rabbits that come into view.

Gandalf doesn’t do weddings. Did you know that? Gandalf doesn’t do weddings.  Check out this article https://www.theguardian.com/film/2016/aug/23/ian-mckellen-turned-down-15m-to-officiate-as-gandalf-at-sean-parkers-wedding

That’s what we want to do, to clearly define the rabbit we want to chase.

We might actually stand a chance at catching one.