His name is James Marshall. He looks a bit like Viggo Mortensen. He’s Australian. He used to live like a monk (me too!). He used to be very into eastern philosophies. He was really fanatical about meditating and had only one goal: to reach Nirwana. He worked as a bouncer for a club, but was so focussed on meditating that he would have let four year old kids prance around in the club.

Then one day he stopped living like a monk and went out to figure out how to bang tons and tons of girls.

And he mastered the art of approaching women on the street.

From all that I’ve seen he’s the best in the ‘business’.

He travels a lot, but he’s based in Budapest.

Budapest is about three hours away from where I live, in Bratislava.

A couple months ago my compadre Manuel and I were considering to set up an academy to teach guys how to seduce women, but then we both hit some walls and decided to do the opposite: teach women how to deal with men.

And the best of the best, Liam McRae and James Marshall, are a three hour train ride away. Talk of competition…

So we inquired how much it costs to train with them.

It’s fucking expensive. See screenshot. Note that they made a mistake and left out one zero.


Which brings me to an other thorn in my soul: Money.

It’s actually a bargain. If you know how to make money, this is nothing. It’s a breeze. It’s the equivalent of eating in a somewhat fancy restaurant for most people, like me, who do not know how to make money.

So instead of living on stale bread for the next six months and going to Budapest to train with these hot shot pick up artists, I’m going to figure out how to make money or die trying. Something I’ve wanted to do ever since I saw The wolf of Wallstreet ten times in a row. You know what they say, the most money obsessed people in the world are ex communists. It’s not a healthy mindset, trust me, it’s not, but it’s me.

Studere aut mori.


‘Figure it out’ by Royal Blood is a very catchy, energizing song,


I’ll explain in a different post why I’m so attracted to this whole pick up artist community/industry. The women are only 50 percent of it, if that.