Stumbled across this question on Quora, here’s my answer:

  • The only good opener is: ‘hello, my name is…’ or possibly a remark on something that is happening around you, but then always followed by simply saying hi and introducing yourself. Just keep it simple.
  • Walk over in a straight line. Make sure she sees you approach. Women are scared. Rightfully so, most random men that try to interact with her are creeps and jerks, because decent men have the restrictive idea that a nice guy does not bother a lady he doesn’t know. If you’re polite you will not bother her at all, she’ll be flattered even if she’s not interested or simply too busy.
  • Do not approach her from behind or from the side, you have to approach in a straight line, so you won’t scare or startle her.
  • Keep your voice low, women are very attracted to low voices, a high-pitch voice is unattractive to them, it conveys insecurity, it might get you their empathy, but not their attraction.
  • Although Ryan Gosling asks a question in the gif pictured here, do not formulate your invitation as a question. There are several reasons for this.
  • Invite her in the form of a statement.
  • Say something like: Let’s do something fun next week. This keeps it vague and adventurous. You take responsibility for the date. You show yourself as a leader. (I have NEVER had a girl say no to this kind of invitation, they usually counter with a smile and: ‘It depends. What did you have in mind?’)
  • Make eye contact
  • Do not hide your hands in your pockets, at least keep your thumbs out of your pockets and pointing down, this emphasizes your crouch
  • Do not fidget.
  • Have I mentioned you should SMILE? Smiling will put her at ease. She will almost always smile back.
  • Don’t run off once she says yes. Lots of guys are so nervous that they go about asking girls out like it’s a hit and run operation. Stay with her, talk some more. Don’t bombard her with questions. Keep the conversation flowing by putting the pressure on her, don’t say too much, she’ll do most of the talking.

Most important of all: HAVE FUN DOING IT!!!