hanka met wortelWhat is the one thing I can do today to really get closer to my goals?

Send a new chapter of the novel to my two literary angels agents, Zuzi and Mary. Continue on the play.

Other things I absolutely want to focus on today:

-have fun with Hanka, my Slovak sister who’s visiting. Should be easy, she’s in one of her playful moods

-keep compiling a file with neo-confederate myths that I ‘glean’ from very active neo-confederate Facebook pages

How can I create more value today than I did yesterday?

-this question is always a tough one: write a better blog post? Keep working on the novel and the play? Translate more than I did yesterday?

What new approach can I try to come closer to my vision?

Mary Fincher hit on something great yesterday. Invite guest bloggers to fill in the Authenticity Diary.

What made me feel happy, in flow, recently?

Yesterday’s writing. Hearing Zuzana talk about the US elections and seeing how much she knows about it.

What is the one product we can really promote?

If Mary Fincher gives us more gems of ideas, definitely the authenticity diary.

I am grateful for:

Zuzana knowing so much and actively following US and European politics

Having a great appartment in a quiet part of Bratislava

Being able to really work together with someone I have never met in real life I realize several people have been very supportive of what I’m trying to accomplish, practically from the moment they met me, thank you, Alexander Van der Biest 

I’m really excited about:

The way we are transforming an old manuscript I had lying around. We’re putting a story into it, it was plotless so far and I hate plotless books.

These are the most important habits I’m building:


-Doing push-ups when I am ‘led into temptation’ (I highly recommend this, by the way, so far it’s been working like a charm)

Stuff I did right:

-I got a lot of stuff done yesterday

-I may have had a very positive effect on Hanka’s relationship with Jakub

New ideas:

-find a place to organize couple retreats in Slovakia

-invite more people to fill in the authenticity diary (so far I have invited 5 more)

Power decisions:

-get to three therapy clients a day somehow (I keep repeating this, I know)

-lose ten pounds (something I’ve been repeating since 2012, I think)

-finish a new manuscript, WITH a real plot (To share something extra here: as a child I deeply felt my father’s dream to be a writer and he gave up saying: I can’t come up with any plot, so coming up with a good plot is an emotionally loaded thing for me)

Things I’ve learned:

-when I read ‘the happiness project’ by Gretchen Rubin I feel less of a neurotic controlfreakish kook for coming up with a diary to make my day run like clock-work. If I were a millionaire I’d probably hire my own personal drill-sergeant to practically kick me to my work). Gretchen Rubin seems equally, ehm, driven to exert more control over her life.

How do I want to feel today?



-very careful about choices (ORDER A SALAD, NOT THE FRIED CHEESE)

How do I want to treat others today?


-create win-win situations


Some material stuff I’m acquiring:

-more books

-adult shirts, and not my typical T-shirts screaming teenage angst. For God’s sake, I’m 33!

-some decent cameras, but how? Crowdfund? Sponsors? Some weird night job? Second hand shop? Ask Pieter-Jan, now a neurologist, who used to have a side-business in cameras as a medical student?

How are you going to reward yourself today?

-yesterday writing was its own reward (well, almost, it’s still work…)

-read a useless book 🙂 Or watch more stuff on the US elections, yesterday I particularly liked a video posted by my old friend Ruben, one of the smartest and most insightful guys, I know, by the controversial figure David Icke. See below. His stuff on aliens is not my cup of tea, but what he said about Hillary Clinton was so true…

-maybe buy the Slovak translation of ‘One day’ by David Nicholls. I know, not exactly high-brow literature, but I enjoyed it, I steal from it (As the book ‘Steal like an artist’ recommends) and I have this silly first world luxury indulgence: I collect all the Slavic translations of One Day, so far I have the Russian and the Croatian version)

What kind of people am I inviting into my life today?

Fun and caring people who push me forward, and vice versa

The one thing, in general = I’d be happy to spend the rest of my days as the writing therapist

The power question = How do we launch Bratislava Live?

Remind yourself of your vision. What does your ideal day look like?

AxisAndAlliesBoxCompetely ideal would be: go for a morning 12 km run like I used to do as a student, receive clients, write, spend time with family (I’m looking forward to play Axis and Alies with our 5 year old triplets. I’m sure you can get 5 years olds to play Axis and Allies. Ideal would be if we had four children, then the Russians, Germans, Japanese, American, British are all controled by one player. Zuzana’s board game motivation being limited to Settlers of Catan.)

PS David Icke often makes the most outlandish claims, but here he’s got it just right: