A short bio of our guest blogger, Mary Fincher.

Mary FincherShe’s a Canadian girl in her early 30s. She lives in a small town in Ontario. She absolutely LOVES history, especially Abraham Lincoln and the American Civil War. She has just started blogging, is very passionate about pretty much all things human, has lots of empathy and a great sense of humor. Her tweets are also a lot of fun. Lately she’s really been overcoming her fears, and doing the stuff she’s always wanted to do, which we think is truly awesome to see. She’s also the one to suggest that guest bloggers could fill in the Authenticity Diary online, so we are very honored that she is the first one to give us an authentic glimpse of her mind!

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What is the one thing I can do today to really get closer to my goals?

Research. I’m working on a blog post about Major-General John Gibbon. 

Other things I absolutely want to focus on today:

Work on the novel I’m writing about a girl in the modern day that has an obsession with the Civil War (hmmm…sound familiar?)

– Read more of “Gettysburg” by Stephen W. Sears. 

-Make a list of items I need to pick up when I’m over in Michigan tomorrow. Yes, this includes books for when I go to the gigantic, awesome bookstore that is there.

How can I create more value today than I did yesterday?

RESEARCH & WRITE. It’s my passion. And I want to post more on my blog.

What new approach can I try to come closer to my vision?

I’d like to say FOCUS but that is way too vague. I just need to sit down and write, leave it while I’m at work, edit it when I get home.

What made me feel happy, in flow, recently?

I recorded another video. It was random. I had not even set it as a goal for that particular day. I sat down, recorded it and managed to get it posted to my blog yesterday. Normally, this would take me a lot longer but I told myself “get it done”. It was motivating for me and showed me that “yes, you can do this, you crazy girl”.

What is the one product we can really promote?

My blog. It’s something I’m passionate about and I’d love for people to be able to learn something from it.

I am grateful for:

My partner. My friends, a couple in particular. Having a job. Books. That I am able to sit outside right now answering these questions. The Abraham Lincoln mug I am drinking my tea out of. The internet, cause of the awesome people I’ve met on there in the past year and all these people have had a positive impact on my life.

I’m really excited about:

The new Harry Potter book that is being released this weekend.

These are the most important habits I’m building:

– Keep up with my daily yoga practice

-Read every morning when I wake up

-Write more blog posts

-Write more in general (i.e. my novel)

Stuff I did right:

I got a blog post done yesterday that included a video. HUGE thing for me, a person with social anxiety who has self-esteem issues.

New ideas:

– Do a vlog about what books I’m reading

– More vlogging in general

Power decisions:

Find a way to post more on my blog, even if it’s just a short little entry to say “hey, so I read this awesome passage in Cump’s memoirs…”

Things I’ve learned:

– That when you have a good friend that motivates you, you can get stuff done (thank you, William, for encouraging me with the vlogging and lots of other stuff)

– Reading in the morning really makes a HUGE difference in my day.

– It’s okay that it takes me forever to read a book and it’s okay to have five books on the go. I LOVE variety.

How do I want to feel today?

– Positive and focused

How do I want to treat others today?

Positively. I love to make people laugh and smile

Some material stuff I’m acquiring:

I might buy a new plush owl that we got in at work. I set him aside for myself last night. My other two owls…General Chamberlain & General Buford need a friend. This one is going to be called General Meade.

Possibly another Civil War book tomorrow when I’m in Michigan.

How are you going to reward yourself today?

Reading when I get home from work

What kind of people am I inviting into my life today?

Positive people that motivate me, people with similar interests and values, people who are positive.

The one thing, in general =

My passion/obsession with the American Civil War has allowed me to become friends with some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met.

The power question =

How do I focus better?

Remind yourself of your vision. What does your ideal day look like?

Read, write, laugh, look at photos of General Sherman and General Reynolds (okay, maybe not every day but you know…), make sure I connect with my friends that bring so much positivity into my life. Remember to laugh.

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Live an authentic day!