Authenticity blog picSo, I’ve been filling in my systematic -some would call it autistic, neurotic or obsessive, hah- diary for over a year and a half now, always on paper. Why not simply start doing this online? It’s the quickest way to share what’s on my mind, and I have the feeling I share way more important stuff this way, in less space, than in other posts.

Here you are:

What is the one thing I can do today to really get closer to my goals?

-Write a chapter of my novel and have Zuzi check it.

Other things I absolutely want to focus on today:

-translate a couple of pages

-Be consistent about blogging

-Try vlogging

How can I create more value today than I did yesterday?

-Somehow improve the quality of my blogs

What new approach can I try to come closer to my vision?

-Pick a topic and write an article in English for some online magazine that I like

What made me feel happy, in flow, recently?

Writing, meeting people, discussing projects, being open about my opinions in situations where I used to just bite my tongue

What is the one product we can really promote?

The final version of the Authenticity Diary, if we can take the last hurdle: the book cover.

I am grateful for:

Zuzana. Living in Bratislava. Friends. My mum. Great information on the internet. Books. Time to read.

I’m really excited about:

My Slovak sister Hanka is coming over to stay with us for the weekend.

These are the most important habits I’m building:

-do push-ups immediately after waking up

-blog every day on several blogs, not just this one

-write an article a week

-have the reflex to do push-ups before I give in to any temptation (mainly eating more than I should…)

Stuff I did right:

-Getting to at least a semblance of a media strategy, thanks to listening to lots of interesting interviews on the topic, through London Real, Brendon Burchard, and other online platforms

New ideas:

-Start Bratislava Live, something similar to London Real

-Write a fictional story involving a boy and a girl who try to build a business around the concept of the online programme Czech streets

-Walk around the lake at least once a day

-organize something like time-out retreats or cheat retreats in Slovakia, with foreign clients. Ask my Slovak father if he’s willing to partner up in this.

Power decisions:

-I’ll somehow find a way to have three therapy or coaching clients a day, Monday to Saturday

Things I’ve learned:

-the need to be consistent if you want to offer something that people can use and enjoy

-when temptation strikes you need to have trained reflexes to distract your mind

-insecure people will avoid eye contact, but you can get through to them by asking questions directed directly at them, showing genuine interest

-self-disclosure leads to disclosure from others

-you can have very stimulating interactions with people you’ve never met in the flesh, am having great conversations with a Canadian writer/historian and an American humanist.

-you have to put your values in what you do, your values are what motivate you, it’s the best thing you can share with people

How do I want to feel today?

-33 and not 70, it’s really bullshit to feel like I’m an old guy whose best days lie in the past. Countering negative thoughts such as this one is one of the habits I’m building. It’s also got to do with getting very little exercise…



How do I want to treat others today?


-Challenging, helping them move forward in the direction they want to go

-Try to learn from each other

Some material stuff I’m acquiring:

-something like a pull-up bar at home

-cameras for London Live

-better quality shirts

How are you going to reward yourself today?

Playing Settlers of Catan with family

What kind of people am I inviting into my life today?

People who want to cooperate, people with similar values.

The one thing, in general = Building a business offering something positive, mainly stories in all forms.

The power question for today = How do I get cameras for Bratislava Live?

Remind yourself of your vision. What does your ideal day look like?

Write/translate, receive therapy clients, improve business, play board games with family 🙂

Feel free to comment, suggest improvements to this system, or share your strategy for getting the most out of your day,

Live an authentic day!