image4Some people have it in their veins to connect people. They bring you in touch with others as if they were put on this earth to do just that. David Winkler has a natural charm and has a very ‘inclusive’ spirit. I’m sure that’s a quality that comes in handy in his career as a journalist and in his work for the Norwegian embassy.

Today he introduced us to Janik Brezina, who’ll be helping us out with the covers of some of our upcoming books. We already mentioned David Winkler on this blog, you can read about his upcoming novel here.

We met in a bar called The Next Apache. The walls inside are lined with rows and rows of novels, which you can buy at reasonable prices. Today we sat outside, even though it looked like it was going to rain.

image1The bar is called The Next Apache, because the owner is Canadian, and when he first arrived in Slovakia he kept hearing ‘Nech sa paci’, meaning ‘here you are’. To him it sounded like ‘the next apache’.

We are applying one of our rules to push our  business forward, which is:

Talk to people, talk to people, talk to people. Let people know what you do. And it helps if you connect with people who have strong networks and enjoy creating win-win situations.

Live an authentic day!

PS Here’s an interesting test to find out -among other things- what your priorities are in social situations: