What is the one thing I can do today to really get closer to my goals?

IMG_6433It’s Sunday. I’ve fallen victim to the cultural reflex of seeing this day of the week as an excuse not to do anything useful. However, if I’m honest, I could write the basis for an article on Neo-Confederate lies, those folks who distort history. I’ve come up with a ‘real-time’ system to investigate what sort of myths and lies they believe. They always pretend as though Confederate soldiers were Saints, and those on the other side were Devils. Plus, they tend to pretend slavery was this sort of blissful institution, had nothing to do with the war, and that the real racists were up north. Yesterday, just when I thought I had heard it all, one of them said that ‘most slaves were sold by blacks’. When I asked him -twice- where on earth he got that idea the answer was not forthcoming.

Other things I absolutely want to focus on today:

-I’m weird, can I focus on anything else today when so many people spread the most outlandish bogus about the American Civil war and -most mind boggling of all- construct their present identity on misrepresenting a 150-year old conflict?

-I want to finish reading the ‘happiness project’ by my sister in controlfreakish projects, Gretchen Rubin

-I definitely want to eat less, I’m simply too young to be at least 10 pounds ‘overweight’

How can I create more value today than I did yesterday?

and0624j.jpginstead of commenting on Neo-Confederate Facebook posts and argueing with people who seem to have read nothing new ever since the war ended in 1865, I have to mold what I find in a real article or I’m just wasting my time and getting very depressed about the level of education in the US. Some of them didn’t know what the phrase ‘to hold people in bondage’ meant. They thought it meant killing people… Weird… And I’m not a native speaker, they are the native speakers. And proud of their heritage. Not so proud of their language, apparently.

-I was pushing inviting more guest bloggers to fill in the Authenticity Diary online, I’d like to publish one today or tomorrow at the very latest

What new approach can I try to come closer to my vision?

-I’ve never sent an article on the Civil War to any news outlet. How freakishly dumb and cowardly. (the great big fear of rejection…)

What made me feel happy, in flow, recently?


-To be honest: running around Bratislava on a Saturday evening with two beautiful women was a happiness boost. Playing Settlers of Catan yesterday made me feel in flow. I had very pleasureable brain vibes investigating Neo-Confederate lies.

What is the one product we can really promote?

-I don’t want to keep mentioning the Authenticity Diary, so: there are several novels that I have started (I’m a starter, but not a finisher I have discovered to my great dismay) we could sell, if I pushed myself or hired a professional pusher or pushed others to push me to finally finish them.
Or as Zuzi likes to repeat: Just do it!

I am grateful for:

-the support of my Slovak father.

-spending the weekend with Hanka and Zuzana

-the way Mary and I stimulate each other’s writing

-the fact I worked up the courage to comment on deceitful Neo-Confederate Facebook posts, even though I hate being insulted. Commenting there just invites the self-styled rebs to bombard you with the silliest attacks since kindergarten

I’m really excited about:

-So many things I can’t focus!


-Civil war stuff

-studies of modern day society

-psychological insights such as those of Hungarian-Canadian psychiatrist Gabor Maté

These are the most important habits I’m building:

hanka-Going out more and stop being just a hermite, it boosts my mood to be among people, but when I feel low I tend to isolate myself which lowers my mood even more

-cutting out bread and pasta

-answering these questions the moment I jump out of bed

Stuff I did right:

-saving Neo-Confederate posts and comments in a word file called ‘Neo Confederate lies’

-after losing a round of Settlers of Catan, because I wasn’t paying attention during the ‘pick your staging area phase’, steamrolling over my equally competitive sister in the second round, by rationally picking the best staging area, and sabotating her systematically. Don’t worry, she can take it, she’s the same.

New ideas:

9395692._UY200_-Erotic novels bore me to death, I’d like to write something that’s sexy, but something you read mainly because you like the story and the characters, not something you just flip through to read only the sex bits and feel dissapointed afterwards. A kinkier, yet also more intellectual, version of ‘One day’, let’s say.

Power decisions:


Things I’ve learned:

-salads in Slovak restaurants are not compatible with any sort of diet, unless you are a summo wrestler

-am I a coward for 99 percent of the time not reacting to Confederate lies online? Or am I an idiot to waste my time on that? And is it really a waste of time if I learn how they think from their comments? Can I cause them to fight each other, because I notice they don’t agree on everything, some being even worse in their inherited sugar-coated racism and distortions than others…

-the seemingly rich and ‘hot’ women I saw in the party section of Bratislava yesterday all looked very unhappy, stern and as though everybody was watching them (everybody WAS watching them, but they looked like that bothered them, even though they had done everything they could to draw looks…) Why do people behave in ways that they think will make them feel good, but, on the contrary, makes them feel unhappy… People are full of paradoxes

-I’m often blind to my own luck. I was walking around with two very beautiful ladies, but just the day before I was thinking: where do all the pretty girls I see walking around go to, why am I such a hermite? Zuzi says I’m often very cruel to myself.

image_00013-Of all things I’m passionate about what still fascinates me the most is how the ruling elite in any society permeates that society with ideas that are beneficial to that ruling elite, as exemplified, for example, in the Confederacy and the South after the defeat of the Confederacy. And also today when the elite somehow manages to make people chose between two people (Trump and Hillary Clinton) who represent that elite and nothing else. And the fact that lots of folks get so excited about a fake choice.

How do I want to feel today?

-fun and outgoing

-focussed (ah, what I’d give for four hours of Kasparov like focus each day…)

-energetic (yes, you can influence your own energy levels)

How do I want to treat others today?

-I want to learn from them

-challenging, but fun


-in the case of Neo-Confederate Facebook troopers: I want to ignore their insults and gain insight in their belief system and where it comes from. Nobody is born a Neo-Confederate history nitwit, they are influenced to be that way.

Some material stuff I’m acquiring:

-books, books, books

-decent clothes, I look like a drifter, and not a cool one 

How are you going to reward yourself today?

-Oh, I’d so like to really indulge and watch docu’s and interviews with people who expose Hillary Clinton -have I told you this pathological liar and psychopath is number one on my ‘super predator I want to see brought to heel list’?- as the power hungry, money grubbing, ego driven, artificially kneeded, campaign robot without any real political convictions or vision that she is.

-A round of Settlers of Catan to see if yesterday’s strategy was dumb luck or something that works every time (ok, ok, I confess, I’m a boardgame geek, ok? There, I admitted it)

What kind of people am I inviting into my life today?

-the sort of people who understand that Trump and Hillary Clinton represent the same interests, namely those of the super rich

-people who feel like playing Settlers of Catan

-people who are supportive of the Authenticity Diary and would like to guest blog

The one thing, in general = Somehow offering an alternative to mainstream distortions and manipulations and imposed belief systems through the products, values and stories we offer.

The power question = Seriously, how do I get more focus and make my mind stick to one project during a day?

Remind yourself of your vision. What does your ideal day look like?

8 hours of focussed productive work and 8 hours spent with interesting, communicative people

When is the last time you had a deep conversation with your best friend?

Must be years ago… I’ve been deliberately ignoring him because we used to blend so intensely that I often started confusing his goals with my own, which sapped my focus even more.