London RealOk, confession: I’ve probably ‘lost’ entire weeks of my life watching and listening to a show called London Real, hosted by an ex-banker called Brian Rose. One day he quit his well-paid job to go make videos on YouTube, just interviewing people in London. At first people thought he was crazy, but today his show is major hit. You can watch Brian’s TED talk where he explains his vision. Was all the time I spent watching London Real a form of procrastination? Sure. But I’ll tell you one thing though, we wouldn’t be doing what we are doing if I had never watched it. It’s the only show I ever bought a T-shirt of and there’s reason for that.

One interview I often re-watch is the interview with Alex Ikonn. He has some very inspiring words to say about building a business. He and his wife, Mimi Ikonn, make tons of money selling hair extensions. Now, hair extensions is not exactly the product I get all excited about, but I do get very excited about the man’s approach to doing business. Find a problem people struggle with and solve it. Just do it. When they launched their business they were both unemployed, but when they spotted a market opportunity they went 30;000 dollars into debt, at the risk of being pulled down into a vortex of huge interests, to set up their business. And it worked! They paid off the debt, and now money is flowing in. The reason I mention them here is, not because of the hair products, the reason is that they are succesful because of their authenticity. They care about people and it shows in the videos they do.

Just watch and live an authentic day: