image_00006In the picture you see one of our founders, Benjamin Bossaert. He’s Belgian, but he’s been living in Slovakia for many years now.  He’s really made an effort to absorb Slovak culture that, well, he probably has a hybrid nationality by now. He’s very ambitious, he’s also what the English would call, ‘a cheeky fellow’ with lots of humor, as you tell can from the look in his eyes perhaps, but he’s not so much money driven.

Neither are the rest of us. In fact, money is not our prime motivator in setting up a business, in wanting to create value in other people’s lives. If money flows in it almost all goes back into the business. Why? Because we do what we love, doing what we do is the goal in itself. Money just helps us reach more people, develop better products, buy us the tools to do our work faster and with more comfort. We could build a much better website for example, get a permanent office, get a small film studio, etc. Money just makes what we do a little easier. And every dollar or euro that comes in we see as a sign that we are in fact creating value in other people’s lives, and that’s exactly what we love. Benjamin IS his job, he’s never too tired to promote Slovak culture, to teach Dutch to his Slovak students or to translate, network and arrange things for Donkichod, our publishing house and theatre. We feel like we are drilling oil in a place where few people see any oil at all. We are 2 out of perhaps 20 Belgians who are fluent in Slovak, we are passionate about books, plays, languages and stories. It makes perfect sense!

If you’re building a business and your end goal is the money… I don’t know, maybe it will work out, but I doubt it will truly fulfill you. We live in a monetary society so you can’t really ditch monetary concerns all together, but if you focus on what fulfills you and what you can offer to other people, you’ll get a healthy cashflow going. If you focus on the money, I don’t think you’ll get very far, maybe you’ll never even start.

What are you passionate about?

Live an authentic day!