image_00004I wasn’t planning to make something called ‘An Authenticity Diary’. I focus -or better: I try to focus- on writing a novel, a phd on the American Civil War and theatre plays we can sell. I find it hard to stick to one thing and actually finishing something. I need the great big fear of an impending doom deadline.I don’t believe in ADD, but if it does exist, I have it. Ow, look somebody is walking a little dog under my balcony!

Ok, back to blogging.

I got so exasperated with my monkey mind that I looked for a system to counter this. I usually have piles of books lying around, including many self-helpbooks. I switch back and forth between between, just like I keep starting new projects and almost never sticking to one. I came up with a system to prepare my mind for what I need to do during the day, and the next day. In the morning I fill in a questionnaire and then later in the evening I fill in a sort of evaluation sheet. In the picture you can see a tiny part of a vast stack of papers I’ve been filling in daily for over a year  and a half now. In this way I prepare my mind to stick to a couple of things a day, not one thousand. Eventually I threw in more stuff. Why not fill in one sheet of paper every morning that: reminds you to be grateful; reinforces your goals, your growth mindset, counters depression by asking the right questions, inspires, pushes you to be creative and pitch ideas, and lets you decide how your day is going to look like, how you are going to treat people, how you decide to feel, where your focus will be and so on. What if the system also helped you to keep track of the money you spend, mistakes you have to avoid in the future, stuff that got you excited, what you find important, what inspires you. Something that packs the punch of at least 50 self-help books.

Mary FincherSounds a bit over-ambitious to squeeze all this on two sheets of paper. But we did, and we got down to business. First, we wrote a manual for it. Then we turned the system into something everyone can use, because the questions I was asking myself were a bit too specific. Then we were lucky that a truly amazing Canadian Civil War Buff was willing to edit the text for us. Mary Fincher, you rock! She’s an intellectual hottie, she can edit the entire Bible in six days (on the seventh she relaxes) and she also sips her tea from the coolest mugs. Let me look on Amazon where I can buy one of… See? ADD. No worries, I have upped my concentration span by at least 200 percent ever since I started journalling and sticking to the system.

Now we are in the stage that a Slovak graphic designer is pimping the layout. We found her through a wonderful website called The title reads ‘I’ll do it’. Freelancers offer their services, you agree on the terms, you pay online, but they only receive the money if you are satisfied with their work, otherwise you get it back. We lucked out, because the woman we found knows her way around indesign and really feels what we have in mind.

We plan to have the first copies ready by the end of the summer!

Do you journal? Do you have a gratitude practice? Do you do positive affirmations? What are your experiences? How do you stay focussed on your goals? We’re curious!

Live an authentic weekend!