He asked her if she knew she talked in her sleep.

‘Yeah, I do that. My mum says it was much worse when I was a kid. I fell out of bed and stuff. My dreams were so real I didn’t know whether I was awake or asleep. She took me to a whole bunch of esoteric weirdos to try and cure me.’

She stretched and yawned. ‘Oh, boy, I so don’t wanna go to class right now. I want to go to class, but please never before noon’.

He wanted her to skip class so badly, but didn’t want to be irresponsible and talk her into it.

‘So your mum thought you were posessed by evil spirits or something?’

‘Uhu, she never said they were evil though. But it freaked her out, big time. I don’t remember so much about it. She said it was wild and scary’.

He really didn’t want to be hungover, so he got out of bed, looked for a glass, went to her small sink and drank water till his stomach was cold and made waves when he walked. Then he got back in bed. Still afraid to touch or kiss her.

‘I should probably get a shower’, she said. ‘But then I’d have to undress and I’m too lazy’.

‘Fine’, he said, making it sound as if it were a dreadful chore, ‘I’ll undress you.’

‘Good’, she said, with her eyes closed.

She was lying on her side now, huddled up in that foetal position. Not very accessible if he wanted to start undressing her. He could slip his hand under her T-Shirt, but his hands were cold from drinking the water. To warm them up first, he put them against the warm skin of his own belly. He knew he was overthinking this. Her surfer guy would have smashed her against the wall by now and impaled her. Failing that, Pieter moved closer and spooned her. When he put an arm around her, she took his hand in hers. He took heart from that.

Then her alarm went off again. Never in his life had he been so dissapointed to hear Jimi Hendrix.

‘Ow God, I really need to get ready to go to class.’

‘What class is it?’

‘Some basic stuff about philosophy. Political philosophy.’

He hugged her tighter. Let go. Hugged her tight. Let go. Hugged tight. The sort of hugging that mimicks the in and out of penetration. She seemed to respond well to it.

‘This is nice’, she said.

He was getting a rock solid erection and pushed it against her buttocks, hoping that she would feel it.

‘I so wish I could skip classes now, but I promised Tina I’d be there.’

‘You could text her’, he said, trying very hard not to sound the least bit pushy.

‘Tina is the last person on the face of this earth, not counting Africa and Easter Island, who does not own a mobile phone.’

He didn’t say anything and just kept hugging her and pushing his hard penis against her buttocks. Wondering if she could feel it through both of their pants.

‘If we continue like this we are going to ruin the principle of our relationship, you know, the one we agreed on yesterday’, she said.

He was starting to regret he had proposed anything like that.

‘Aha’, he said, ‘right’.

‘We’ll fix that tonight’, she said.

He wondered how she would go about fixing a weird idea he had blurted out yesterday in a state of drunkenness and nostalgia for lost, burnt out sexual relationships.

‘I will skip the shower, so we can be here for fifteen more minutes’, she said.

He kissed the back of her neck, but she didn’t turn around.

‘Why don’t you come along?’, she asked. She was gently stroking his fingers with her fingers.

‘How do you mean?’

‘To my classes. Nobody will mind or even notice. You look young enough. And it’s not like you have a job to go to right?’

He liked the compliment about looking young, but felt stung with the job comment.

‘Besides, if we are to kickstart our, ehm, sex life, we’ll have go out looking for some live props anyway, right?’

He’d met a lot of girls in his life, but not quite one as unorthodox as Carol.

He kept pushing his groin against her butt, hoping he would somehow cum from just rubbing against her.