We all got up at 6.30 around here, on a Sunday. Why? Because we are going to church. I’m none too excited about that, though it seems to help Slovaks to beat off the threats of affluenza, materialism and narcissism.

What’s very good about it, is that it got us up early. And I get to meditate in Church, though the singing can get on my nerves sometimes.

Ok, we gotta go.

And we’re back.

The most powerful part is where they shake strangers’ hands and wish them peace of mind, they should cut out most of the rest and expand the contact with strangers part.

The reading is unbelievably boring and outdated. How many of them remember which part of the Bible was read and why that part?

At least the priest said I was a handsome guy.

Clearly, church isn’t curing my narcissicm, but I’m trying to tune it down a bit. Mostly because it isn’t doing me any favors.

How did I do yesterday?

Covered everything, except the writing. Have to look into that, am not going to list writing as my goal every day and then not to do it. It could mean I simply don’t enjoy writing any more. Which would be a pity. Or perhaps I do, but not an a daily basis. Perhaps I prefer to have days where I don’t write at all and days where I do nothing but writing. Sounds more like me.

Today’s goals:

-keep reading the French civil war book. And why not read all the remaining pages today? A book a day, can I pull that off? Keep that concentration bitch on a tight leash
-read a few pages of Slovak, has to become a habit, even if I read only a couple of pages a day
-am helping somebody deal with inner roadblocks through mail, continue with that
-list 5 new ideas, also a new daily habit

That’s all for today.