Bloody annoyed with myself for not having a routine.

You wake up in the morning and you have 100 will power units.

Each decision you make costs you some will power units.

To keep as many of them going for you, you need to make sure important decisions have already been made. Like how you will spend your time.

A strict and clear routine will do that for you. If you know what you have to do and when, you won’t waste time thinking about what you could be doing. You also won’t wonder at the end of the day: hmm, where did all my time and energy go today? You will also form strong habits, which let you be productive sort of on autopilot.

This is the routine that suits me best:


Get up. Exercise

7. 15







Translate Slovak novels


Work with clients (interpreting or therapy)


Dinner, mail, blog


Write novels, plays


Do whatever, don’t stay up till after 1 am

How did I do on yesterday’s goals?

I read a lot of Slovak, had lengthy discussions in Slovak on the economy, the Zeitgeist movement and the decline of religion and traditions, a day very much centered around Slovak, which is fine, but not enough to show for one day.

Oh, as to bonding with my father in law: we played the settlers of Catan, I was part of a discussion on religion between him and the rest of the family and we got into a snowball fight. Progress!

Today’s goals:

-read some 30 pages in the slovak book
-finish reading the french book!
-get a lot more exercise than yesterday
-stop adding so much milk to my coffee to save calories