In Twitter followers? The amount of money you have? The number of books you’ve read? The number of countries you’ve travelled to? The amount of love you have received/given? (How do you measure that last one?). The amount of products you have sold? The market value of your house? The number of blowjobs you get? The number of balls that empty their load inside you? The number of cars you own? The amount of likes you score?

I saw this question ‘how do you measure your life?’ flashing by during my ADHD-like pitstop at Twitter and I can’t tell you the answer.

8 years ago I would have answered: The number of women I sleep with. And the number of readers I have.

Now the number of different women I sleep with seems only equal to the number of nights I waste while other people are actually accomplishing something.

And if I say ‘the number of readers I have’ I can only say I am failing miserable in my life.

So what is it?

The number of people I help in sorting out their inner conflicts.

Yes, that one gives me a sense of closure as to this question. Though there is no sure way to measure this.

A pleasant drive is being commited to a mission statement that gives you energy.

How do you measure your life?

And do ask others the very same question. Seems like a rather important question to consider.