A talented friend would like some constructive comments on his latest post. Pre-internet attention span is required, but his talent makes it well worth it.

Fair notice:
This purely fictional story is (often) NSFW and (sometimes) awkward as fuck. It’s meant to be the first of more but ended up much more character-focused than I intended.
There’s enough romance in it to give Walt Disney a tooth ache. (occasionally)
You have been warned.

Constructive criticism is appreciated.

On my back on the floor, I felt the vibrations spring back to life. A few hours after embarking on your first flight, you get so used to the low hum of the engines that your mind filters it out… until it stops. In this cramped maintenance shaft, it seemed louder than ever.

I finished mounting the panel and let my arms fall to the side, relaxing into the mechanical massage. Newer ships don’t have this noise anymore, the dampeners are now tuned well enough to pick up the slightest vibration. But I liked it. It told me…

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