What is going on in this small country Americans often mistake to be the capital of Europe and associate with waffles and chocolate?

In May voters shuffled the election cards in a way that brought a right wing government to power. So… Anybody who likes a free ride is getting a kick in the butt. The bottom rung of society will get more crowded. Lots of people are getting scared and went on strike today, strikes have been erupting here and there for some months now. They want to keep as many freebies as possible. Unfortunately only weeks and weeks of strikes will ever convince the government to reconsider their rolling back of socialist policies. So, the government will get their way, because those who were on strike today don’t have the stamina to continue. They want to return to their daily routines of working for a boss with the vision they lack, and to come home and be coach patatoes.

We’ll see more strikes in 2015, but all in all, Belgium will evolve towards an Americanized, far less socialist society, where the best get rich and the rest get squished… Some people will be more creative because of this end of pampering and some will perish because of it.