An excellent piece about our disconnected world, perhaps finding new ways to connect? Can digital connections make up for ‘real’ life connections?

The Secret Trove

In this tiny kingdom of Belgium where I was sent to more than half a century ago to practise the art of being, the message was spread today that the sale of anti-depressives and anti-psychotics has risen to the Himalayan peaks of one million doses a day. As far as I can gather, that means that every day, one out of eleven Belgians takes a happy little pill.

Such a psychotic little darlings we are, despite our capital chocolatiers, our amazing beer-brewers, our wonderfully absurdist artists. These three elements should be the ideal antidote to gloom in a country where the peak hour traffic jams are as long as the country itself, say about 300 kilometres or 186.411358 miles, or even more, this amazing Thursday morning we reached a 2014 record with 378 kilometres, or 234.878311 miles . Driving from my home today to the European capital took about two…

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