Can’t say am a fan of her work, but her story is intriguing and as a person I’ve always found her very likeable. Her unwavering support for political prisoner Julian Assange has fully won me over.

Watching this documentary made me realize how little I knew about her. For example, she seems to have an incredible work ethic when she is determined to achieve something. Her childhood was very rough. I had no idea her babysitter molested her. Pamela felt guilty for years, because one day she wishes that babysitter dead and the woman dies in a car accident the next day. Pamela assumed she had killed the woman just with her thoughts.

She speaks very candidly about a lot of things and there is a lot of sadness to go around. Perhaps the saddest part is that Pamela, a hopeless romantic, could never find a loving, healthy, long lasting relationship.

Her sense of humor gives the docu a bit of lightness. Like when she says she always thought her breasts were building a career and she just tagged along.

For a few seconds I was tempted to download the very first season of Baywatch and join Chandler and Joey in marveling at her running on the beach.

The whole sex tape saga gets a lot of attention and you can see what an impact it had on her life.

This docu is well worth the watch.