I keep looking for things to put myself in the most positive, most productive, balanced mindset.

My alarm clock usually blares out Robbin Williams screaming ‘Good morning Vietnam’ followed by an explosion and then followed by the rather angry and loud song No Fortunate Son by CCR.

I thought it would be a good idea to start the day with a giant shot of adrenaline, but… when I wake up my cortisol levels are already through the roof.

So why not try something mellow and positive like the lovely song ‘It’s a wonderful world’ by Louis Armstrong.

I spontaneously chose that song and later I realized it’s actually also in the movie Good Morning Vietnam.

I have also set my alarm clock to an earlier time, because I always wake up before my alarm clock goes off.

It’s set for 5 am, but I will probably still wake up earlier than that automatically, so in that case I will move it back some more, cause I would like to wake up to something very peaceful and positive.