The first time when I was 8 and the second time when I was 9.

One day when I was 8 I started feeling pain in my abdomen. By the evening it felt excruciating and when morning rolled around I couldn’t walk anymore.

My appendix had burst.

I had to stay in hospital for two weeks.

They had to put a drain in my belly to slowly get the puss out.

For weeks after a nurse came to our home to clean the thing. I had a small hole in my belly.

It wasn’t painful and I also don’t remember the drain being unpleasant.

The worst was not being allowed to eat or drink anything. I had a drip for weeks.

They put the needle in my hand, cause my arms were too bruised from it after a while.

The needle in my hand was the most unpleasant aspect physically.

I was also not allowed to run for six weeks and when you’re 8 that’s like all eternity.

A year later I again needed surgery in my abdomen. I don’t know what exactly caused it, but I had an inguinal hernia.

The pain I felt after this operation was way worse than after the accute appendicitis.

Maybe they doped me up real good after the appendicitis cause it was a much more serious issue.

Kinda hurtful was when my dad threatened to leave my hospital room if I didn’t stop complaining about the pain.

To his credit he didn’t actually leave the room.

I must say everyone was super nice to me, I got lots of gifts, especially comic books.

I again could not run for six weeks and from this moment on I started putting on weight.

I got chubby at 10 and was overweight till I was 12.

It sounds ridiculous now, but at 12 I discovered dieting and managed to lose all the extra weight.

I never got rid of my moobs though…. Which bothered and keeps bothering me no end.

I should also mention that I was hospitalized in Belgium. Which is like the best possible place in the world to be hospitalized in.

Most hotels have worse service than a Belgian hospital.

At least at that time. I haven’t set foot in a Belgian hospital in a long time and if I am to believe my mum things have deteriorated quite a bit back in the land of chocolate, waffles and French fries.


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