• There is no secret. You have to get up and do it. It’s as simple as that
  • Get a plan and stick to it. Don’t question everything you do, execute your plan
  • How you feel is irrelevant. Stick to your routine. Execute
  • All your excuses are lies
  • If you give in to the call of comfort today you will also give in tomorrow. Cut it out now. Do the work
  • Sugar is poison, avoid it 99,99 percent of the time
  • Go low carb
  • You’re not hungry, you’re bored
  • You can choose what makes you happy in this moment, but that won’t make you happy long term
  • The more you push yourself the easier it gets, but if you start slacking you can very easily lose your self-discipline and will have to rebuild it
  • You have to work out. If you have an injury then work out the non-injured body parts
  • Go join a martial arts class. Jocko tells you to start with Brazilian jiu-jitsu
  • Get up early. You can get a lot done while almost everyone else is still sleeping. The gym will be empty. There will be less distractions
  • Skip the next podcast or next motivational video, the only way to be happy is to do the actual work, to commit to something, to decide to excel at something and get up and do it
  • Do whatever it takes to become the best possible version of yourself
  • Only relax or enjoy some indulgence when you have really earned it
  • Do not expect it to be easy
  • Don’t sit around waiting for the perfect moment to finally start your new project. That moment will never come. You have to start and push through the discomfort. Every day
  • You have to sacrifice little daily pleasures for long term happiness, pride and clarity

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