Aaron Doughty introducted me to this via his YouTube channel.

I can’t find a picture that would accurately express the image I had in my mind during this meditation.

I saw a stern looking young woman in a long blue-ish dress who presented herself as my protectress. She held a blue ball in her hands. Her seriousness surprised me. I think she was asked by other people to be my protectress.

I also saw a tall bearded man in yellowish robes carrying a yellow ball. His role was less clear. He said he had seen the past and the future. He is some sort of advisor. A spirit guide…

The third person I saw presented herself to me as my soulmate. She had red hair and looked very intense. She said that in real life she would not necessarily look like she looked here in this mental place where I met her. She held a red ball. She sort of looked like the woman in the picture.

How did I get to these?

It’s simple.

Imagine yourself in a nice place. Then visualize three of your spirit guides. Then let them come forward one by one, let them explain their role to you and let them give you any advice or information they have for you.

The advice I got was to focus on work, on my passions and whatever I find to be really fun, to not be negative and to not despair.

I was also urged to be more grateful for the things and people in my life. I got the feeling they didn’t feel enough appreciation from my side for their efforts.

You then imagine they change into balls of energy with a specific color and these balls then enter your heart and stay there.

It’s a powerful technique. I was surprised by what came up.

You can try it for yourself with Aaron via this link.

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