In my special – everything is on fire – state it took me more than one day to sit through this documentary. 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there. Rewind cause I lost focus. That’s not because this is a boring docu at all. It’s really quite good and detailed. The people interviewed are all quite, ehm, special.

Brian Jones is magnetic in every pic. You hear the story of how his twisted love for Anita Pallenberg ruined him. How he was scarred by his cold parents and the death of his baby sister. Maybe one explanation for why he fathered four or five children in his very short life. He was very intelligent , nerdy when it came to music, could pick up any instrument and crank out a spell binding tune, but could sadly not write hit songs himself.

His death by drowning was quickly ruled a death by misadventure. The police quickly used him as the poster boys as to why drugs were evil. They did not investigate his death thoroughly and eagerly painted his demise as the result of drug abuse and the hated rock and roll life style that was ‘corrupting’ England’s youth.

A very complicated character, for mysterious reasons hell bent on destroying himself and pissing off everyone who cared for him, but he still managed to squeeze more life into his 27 years than most of us will ever do in 77 years.

If you’re finally tired of watching series on serial killers then watch this one, it will give you some insight in British culture and how messed up the most magnetic people can get.

The docu doesn’t really explain why we are so drawn to people who are bleeding all over the place as long as they can share their special talents with us. (we’re not exactly fascinated with the nameless homeless person sleeping on the parking lot of Tesco, are we?)

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