The strongest evidence for this being a strong series is the fact that I was able to watch it in my current tortured ‘what is a certain woman doing at the moment, what could we be doing if we were together now, what would we be talking about – state.

I liked the characters. Their personalities and their evolution make sense to me. The action scenes are good. I especially liked all the different relationships and bonds. What certainly helped is that there are two very sexy, aggressive female characters. The eye was satisfied too.

The music could have made this series ten times more haunting and hypnotizing, but falls short. The music in Vikings is a lot better for example. Or the sound and music in the movie Braveheart. The scenery, the make-up and the costumes are all good. The plot is interesting too and at times surprises, pleasantly.

I admit that my main motivation to watch this was to improve my German – a never ending endeavour – and to try and forget Her. Right now am grateful for anything that works as a painkiller, but without negative side effects (am not drowning in alcohol anymore for example, I have even turned down repeated offers of sex, because I know it would just be a distraction and cause more pain).


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