It tastes ok, not great though. It’s one of the many tools you have at your disposal to fool your taste buds. I drink it when I have run out of calorie credit to spend. Since am preparing for an Ayahuasca retreat I can’t drink coffee (I quit cold turkey several days ago and it was easy, but it wasn’t my first coffee free rodeo of course) and this is ok to add some variety and taste to my diet. Again, it’s not great. It’s not a drink you look forward to or crave, but it sure helps to add something to your diet that won’t upset your weight loss plan. Plus, it’s cheap. Simple and cheap.

About the pic. Not exactly the kind of pic that does well on social media. Yeah, I don’t do fake smiles. Project Authenticity… This website is more real than you think. Once I hope to surprise you with a radiant, beaming, and one hundred percent genuine smile. The bags under my eyes are getting better, by the way. They always lessen once I quit coffee. And certain other things.

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