Obsessing over what you lack and what you want in life puts you in a state that reinforces the lack, the want and the need. It’s very challenging to quit that limiting cycle of neediness. Cause how could you stop wanting something you desire with every cell in your body?

Enter… trust.

Allow yourself to trust that the things and the sort of people you crave are on their way to you. Formally remind yourself once a day you have place an order with the universe and then let it go. I do it with candles and some imagery, but you can create your own rituals. It should take less than 5 minutes. Just a reminder, but done in a way that it registers emotionally. Then go and focus on what you have control over, what you know will help you in the long run and on whatever you can do – as part of a long term strategy – to be happy with and about yourself.

Am rushing through this post as always, but I think you get the idea. It may sound like ridiculous witchcraft, but I suggest you try it.

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