I am of course well aware that this is a controversial flag. But there are many associations when it comes to this flag. I can certainly see why lots of folks see it as a racist symbol. I myself also link it to slavery and lots of things I find disgusting, but when I use it in my daily life I only associate it with fanaticism. The kind of stubborn courage that makes you throw rocks at oncoming enemy regiments when you have run out of bullets. The kind of courage that lets you tear through enemy ranks while on a starvation diet. (A Confederate soldier often got only 1,200 calories a day, their opponents got 4,000 a day and they still often outmatched them).

I know a lot about the American Civil War and thinking of remarkable feats of courage and discipline helps me to find the discipline I need to change my life for the better.

Of course, if I’d ever throw a party and Afro-Americans visit the first thing I’d do is hide that flag 🙂

If the typical politically correct and very white liberal joins I would keep it up. I can handle those.

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