As you have noticed there haven’t been any more posts about politics. That’s cause I have honestly stopped caring. Nobody is trying to save me, so I am also not trying to save anything or anyone anymore.

Instead I do whatever the fuck I like. The George Carlin way. You know that quote where he says that if you are born into this world you get a front row seat to the freak show? That is it.

So you see posts about food, and the porn stories I cook up in under half an hour and some stuff here and there about my work and my usually not so happy mind (I just want way too much).

Am certainly not claiming am happy now that I stopped caring about politics, but I have so much time now. So much time. I work out, I have the mental space to control my diet, I read books that could actually add something to my life, change it for the better, I meet more people, I go out more, I study languages more systematically, I focus more on the clothes I wear and how I decorate my home, I explore things to find some joy and excitement. Not that successfully, but maybe am getting there.

And the world is the same predictably fucked up hell hole it always was, whether I care about it or not.

I couldn’t beat the vapid, selfish, hedonistic browsing cows of humans so I have joined them.

But with more hunger, energy, ambition, self-reflection and self-discipline.

Any questions?


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