Am repeating myself, but I have given up hope on ever becoming a news commentator. Some events keep kicking me in the stomach. So here goes:

Five minutes before a ceasefire was to take effect Israel decided to quickly bomb a bunch of targets. It’s not just Russia that’s doing horrible shit. It’s also Israel with the full backing of the US.

I will never understand why the good people I know do not give a shit about this, but do care about other evil.

I don’t get it… Most Palestinians want nothing else than to be left alone, to live in peace, build peaceful, thriving lives for themselves and their loved ones. Yet they have a neighbour who – if Israel could be honest about it – wants to wipe them out or at least drive them far away from their lands.

Palestine has the right to defend itself, just like Ukraine has that right.

Israel calls its actions self-defense, but what is really going on is a very sophisticated programme with many cunning aspects to make life for Palestinians as impossible as possible. And if some Palestinians react violently then they label it terror. It’s just sickening.

I don’t know if I would turn to violence if I were to live every day of my life under Israeli oppression. Maybe I would. It’s the only time the world even looks at Palestinians.

I don’t know what Palestinians are supposed to do. They’re completely cornered.

Their amateur rockets aren’t helping them in the propaganda war. I think Israel even loves the small minority that fires those rockets. It gives them the perfect excuse to crack down harder.

Some sort of mass peaceful protest with lots of powerful symbolism, well-organized and with clear demands that would resonate all over the world…. I think that Israel fears that more than any rockets. They don’t even fear those rockets. They need them to justify what is essentially the closest thing to genocide you can get.

I know writing this makes no difference. I know it distracts from my work. I know I could have invested this time and this energy to build my own life, but there are things I don’t feel comfortable shutting up about.

End of sermon.