Got up at 5.30.

Went to do pull-ups. Walked for a bit.

Went home. Had breakfast with Bruno. Tried to play with him, but he sent me away and wanted to play with his mum.

At about 7 am I took a tram to the Old Town. Walked around there. Took a tram back.

Carried Brunko to the playground. He had the whole place to himself. I love that, cause I am pretty much allergic to meeting other parents there. I also don’t feel like playing the role of the UN in mediating in hysterical conflicts over Chinese produced plastic crap.

When some parents and their ankle biters did arrive I was saved by the garbage truck.

Brunko loooooves watching the garbage truck in action. So I pick up my 15 kilo of pure love and carry him in my arms while chasing the garbage truck. I think we saw them in action for about 11 times. I know their route. We’ve done this so many times one of the workers even talked to me. A very enthusiastic guy. He’s always smiling.

Went back home. Blogged some more. Played with Brunko a bit. I probably got nervous a few times, cause every day he makes a mess in my room.

Had a protein and vitamin packed lunch. Then nap time for Bruno. I took a shower.

He woke up. We got ready. A 30 minute bus ride to a place called Zelezna Studienka. Lots of trees and a trampoline park. Brunko jumped. He ate waffles. Z and I talked a bit. The kind of things ‘normal’ people do not discuss. Including the rather volcanic effects of a certain woman. But Z said the most essential antidote to that she could have said. Yeah, Z is wisdom personified. I guess I am desire personified. Desire isn’t quite the right word. That’s just me berating myself again.

Spotted one hot mummy, but she was too aware of her mainstream good looks to be truly attractive. She looked at me with a look saying: ‘Yeah, I know, I know, you like what you see.’ Turned me off. Not that it matters. Not gonna hit on women around Z and/or Brunko.

Am still a fairly sane and surprisingly responsible dude.

Brunko had a lot of fun. Mission accomplished.

Installed Tinder. Don’t expect anything good to come out of that. Don’t have pics of me with sixpack abs (yet).

Taught one online class. The best part of my day apart from seeing Bruno excited, carrying him in my arms, play wrestling with him, etc etc. Those moments I feel like a sort of ok father. Probably not giving myself enough credit here.

Scrolled through what is labelled as the news for a bit. Felt the usual anger boiling up. On top of the anger over my own personal circumstances. Tried watching some movies, but couldn’t, cause it’s not what I want to be doing.

Today’s refrain will be the same as yesterday’s.

Z says I could be doing so much more useful things, but she hasn’t defined ‘useful’ yet and it would require some in depth debate to establish what useful would look like then. And if useful necessarily leads to happiness and satisfaction.

My friend Jaro’s take on that: ‘We are just here to survive the moments we are not fucking’.

That is not how Z sees life. It’s not how I want to see life, but I would appreciate it if sexuality started lifting me up instead of dragging me down.


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