I stand by my decision to not devote much attention to politics, global events or whatever else is fucked up in our world, but this is still too disgusting to stay silent about.

Europe and the US give Israel a license to butcher Palestinian children and at the same time they condemn Russia for attacking Ukraine.

There is no justification for what Israel is doing. If Israel has any legitimate reasons to murder kids then Russia had enough legitimate reasons (and more in fact) to wipe out innocent Ukrainians.

European and American leaders are a joke, they are attention whore, money grubbing sociopaths, hypocrites, racists and beholden to nothing else than the financial interests of the elites of their respective countries. I could share pictures and videos of injured and ripped apart Palestinian kids all day long, but it wouldn’t change a thing, since I have no influence or audience for it, but here is one more.

I fear this one will confuse folks in the US and Europe. The colors of his clothes will trigger sympathy, but not the color of his skin.

My website does not offer the best quality info on this issue, but you can check this one out, just to name one far superior website dealing with this topic.