Commenting on politics, following politics, hoping for positive changes, rooting for the well-meaning, but ultimately shunned underdogs… Shit… I have a maximum credit of 30 good years left on this planet. That’s not how I want to spend them. It never got me to a nice place in my life.

But… There is stuff I CAN fix.

I can – I hope – fix the image I see in the mirror. Right now I feel shame when I look at myself, but that’s something I can fix to a large degree, not entirely. I can’t get 4 inches taller.

There’s other stuff I can fix too. I can find more time for good friends. I already have set a lot more time apart for friends. I can improve my financial situation. I can educate my son. I can go and find my dream woman. I can maaaaybe finally find the discipline for that hilarious, face-paced novel I so wish to write. I can learn a few more languages. I thought the answer was political and now I have to admit it’s individual.

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