I have always loved Thorgal. In Slovakia I don’t order the new installments, because of the shipping fees. Whenever am in Belgium I order a bunch of them, cause the shipping is free. Then I cram all the stuff I bought here into my suitcase or backpack and take it with me to Slovakia. One thing I haven’t done though: I haven’t taken my rather big comic book collection up in the attic with me to Slovakia. Which I guess means that my real home is still in Belgium and not in Slovakia, because that collection is extremely precious to me. These thousands upon thousands of comic books are tucked away in big cardboard boxes. One day I hope to have something like a man cave where I can be surrounded by those books and other things I value. My son will inherit all of it. 99,99 percent of them are in Dutch, so I hope one day he will learn Dutch so he can dive in. Those comic books were one of the best aspects of my childhood. Looking back it amazes me that I could lose myself in those stories so easily. Now that am slowly becoming an old man I notice more and more how hard it is to immerse myself in a story. Or anything else.