To Zuzana it was ‘just another Holocaust movie’.

Explains her jolly body language in the picture, I guess.

I thought some scenes were very powerful. Yes, eventually I had tears in my eyes and the movie worsened my tendencies to feel depressed. But that’s because it’s a good movie.

I think the real life horror was still a million times worse. The movie mercifully spares you from seeing little children being torn from their parents’s arms and being gassed or thrown into burning ovens alive…

That’s about all it spares you from though. A lot of scenes are gut wrenching and show some of the sadism people are capable of.

The most powerful parts are however when the two escapees are not believed when they related the hellish circumstances over at Auschwitz.

It’s a strong reminder that people choose comfortable illusions over the stark naked truth, especially when that truth does not directly affect them.


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