Excuse the click bait title. People google this stuff and then land here and they should.

The questions pack quite a punch, so check them out. Try and answer them. Let us know which one is your favorite. Mine is number 19.

Power questions

1. If you could put something on a billboard all over town what would the message be?

2. What is the thing you could do to increase your income ten times?

3. What is the one thing you could do that would make everything else easier?

4. What impact do you want to have on the world?

5. If you could work only two hours per week what would you do? What kind of work would you be doing for those two hours and what would you do with the rest of the time?

6. What would your life look like if your three top worries had been eliminated?

7. What gives you lots of positive energy just thinking about it?

8. Which 5 simple habits could radically improve your life?

9. The five minute rule: you can be mad, sad, angry for 5 minutes, but then you have to move on. What are you going to be mad about?

10. What is your greatest gift?

11. What is your greatest talent?

12. Are you hunting mice or antilope? (you know, are you hunting paycheck after paycheck or are you working on something that will make sure you won’t have to worry about money anymore?)

13. What is your most desired achievement?

14. What would your 90 year old self advice you to do now?

15. What do you want your life to be like in 5 years?

16. What would a total genius do in your situation?

17. What problem or pain other people struggle with or want ot avoid is easy or even a joy for you to deal with?

18. What are the simplest daily habits you can build to have the most positive impact on your life and those around you?

19. What do you want to know more about than anyone else in the world?

20. What do you want your tombstone to read?

21. If your life was a movie what would be the title?

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