This blog has… failed.

In terms of hits it’s exploded, but I think it’s just because of the sex stuff on here.

Apart from thousands of horny people finding this website through Google I would estimate that this blog has about 10 real readers. Some if which don’t even like the author and just come here to see how depressed I am or what kind of trouble I’ve caused.

This blog bugs me. It’s about everything and nothing.

Everything I want to say about politics is already being said by others and in a much more engaging and resonating way. This has made me lazy. Why spend hours on some article that will get 20 views when someone is already saying the same thing on YouTube and getting 20,000 views? It’s made me lazy. These days I just share other people’s content.

If I just wanted to get traffic I could double down on the sex stuff. This may surprise you, but I don’t enjoy writing about sex. When I write about political stuff it’s because I can’t stand how our system manipulate us. Manufacturing consent…

But why would I do that if it gets me nowhere? I have 24 hours in a day. I have a family to take care of. My wife is unemployed and when she will go back to work she will make peanuts. My wife is a genuinely nice and caring person. Nice and caring people pick NO monetary fruit. My wife doesn’t even care about money. Not sure if she knows what money is. My wife and I live in the same house, but we don’t really talk about any other issues than the organizational aspects of raising a child together and she doing my invoices.

I thought that writing as truthfully as I could about my own daily life might resonate, but am so different from most people, who would want to read that? I have a sort of interesting job, but other than that am basically living in exile, solitude and am afflicted by mind numbing depression. Who wants to read about that? Go watch ‘Married with children’ and you kinda have my life. Except that I sell language lessons, not shoes, and my son is way cooler than Al Bundy’s son.

I know what I don’t want to do. I don’t want to start a travel blog. I hate traveling and I find people who are all about travel highly suspect. What are they on the run from?

I could also just continue what am doing. Which I find hard to define. Adding stuff to this online bowl of pot pourri.

I have the same problem with this blog as I have with life: I expect too much of it.