I have the impression people were more likeable and nicer when I was younger.

I just tried to get into a very big elevator at a large corporation.

There is one woman already in the car. She did not call the elevator, but waited till I called it with my card. Already strange to begin with.

I get in and she yells ‘can I go alone?’ in a panicky, outraged voice.

I don’t understand the situation and this is so out of the ordinary, I mean, these elevators are for everyone.

She curses and gets out.

Now I myself am cursed/blessed with an inordinate amount of empathy, but this is just too much. Maybe this lady was raped in an elevator or something, but if she wants her own private elevator in a large corporate building she should contact her HR department and try to arrange it. Or take the stairs. If they wouldn’t block the stairs here for me that’s exactly what I would be doing.

I get that she wants to be alone. I often prefer to be alone myself, but the world is full of people and we do need to deal with them. Such as getting into elevators with strangers.

My seriously abnormally big reserve of patience with people has been eroding for more than a decade, so am glad I got in and told her ‘si divna’.

‘You are weird’

I have always been called weird or a weirdo, but damn, sometimes I think am one of the few people left who is still in touch with his humane, connective nature…