Zuzi doesn’t me to teach at home anymore, so she got me an office. Our two year old son could hear my voice of course and Zuzi had a lot of trouble on her hands. He often tried to get into my room (the door doesn’t lock) or started banging on the door or just started screaming or crying.

The lockdowns were extra stressful for all of us because of this.

The office is ten minutes walking from our door, so now I just go there.

Last night I taught classes online till 21.30, I was the last guy in the office building. Which was kinda creepy.

It’s a good solution though. It’s costing me 200 euro per month, but if that’s the price to have a more peaceful and more structured environment for my son then so be it.

The set-up is pretty minimalist at the moment. But in the end I only need a great internet connection and some chairs for when students come oover