You can send me an article via an app. I might read it, but often I can’t be bothered to even click on it. With so much digital overload going on receiving a link to something, video or article or meme or whatever makes my brain groan in agony. And if you were to send me an e-book it would just drown in the vast ocean of e-books floating around in my devices.

But receiving a book… It’s invasive. It’s now a part of my physical possessions. It sits on my shelves. It has a presence in my life. Somebody went through some extra effort to make sure I got it. Even spent a bit of cash, which is a bit of his life’s energy (all things relative though, since some are loaded and some are scraping by).

How could I ignore it? I can forget about a link, but I cannot so easily forget about a book.

At the very least I will flip through it. The people I live with will get to see it (which isn’t the case with a link to something, unless I forward it to them). So yes, my wife has also already flipped through it.

I try to give books to my students. I have learned not to expect to ever see them again when I lend books to someone. I hope it has the right effect and they read at least a little bit.

Major example of synchronicity by the way: about three days before receiving this book I had added it to my wish list on audible. I know Abram doesn’t check my wish list and doesn’t even know I have one, so this is a pure case of synchronicity. I don’t know about you, but I experience almost impossible coincidences fairly often. Sometimes I think I don’t have a step by step plan for my life (not one that I am able to execute anyway) but something outside of me does. I stress the word ‘sometimes’. More often than not I just feel like the universe is trolling me. Not in the way that my home is being bombed by Israel, but in the way that am a copy of Woody Allen without the fame and success (and without the pedophilia).