Zuzana has seen me quit coffee AT LEAST twenty times over the course of our ten years long relationship.

That’s twice a year. Sometimes I quit for two or three days. The record stands at about six months (I think).

In my entire adult life the record stands at a year and five months. (February 2006 to July 2007).

No matter all the raving stories you hear about how healthy coffee is… the truth is that it’s disruptive in the long run. I am convinced it messes up your intake of nutrients. Am willing to admit there are SOME health benefits to moderate coffee consumption, but I don’t know what moderation is.

A little bit too much is just enough for me.

Sure, I had many glorious, blissful moments on coffee. When I was younger and my system wasn’t used to the thing AND I had a MUCH healthier life style than I do now.

I am happy to be off coffee. My pee doesn’t stink like coffee. I can start my day without feeling like I was run over by a truck unless I get the Black Potion inside my veins, I have less frequent and less violent headaches, I can focus a bit better and am slightly less depressed. Those are BIG advantages to me. I also save some money. The bags under my eyes are two shades lighter.

My wife is not optimistic. She is sure I will relapse some time this winter.

This motivates me to prove her wrong. Maybe that’s why she is saying this, because my wife is – apart from being my secretary – also my psychologist. A better one than the ones I used to pay.

So will I relapse?

Wanna bet?

I will bet anyone 100 dollars that I will not relapse before my next birthday. The 20th of March.