A good man is not particularly attractive to a woman.

When women say they are just looking for a nice guy they clearly have no idea how attraction actually works. The world is full of genuinely nice guys who have serious trouble attracting females.

Perhaps it’s more correct to say that women are looking for a ‘dangerous’ man, but with the very important condition that he will be nice to them.

So they are attracted to men who are ok with showing a total lack of agreeableness when the situation requires it, someone who knows what he wants in life and is not afraid to go after it, someone not afraid to stand out and ‘be himself’, someone who is actually not so nice in many cases, but who is nice to them.

The list of what attracts women to men is even longer than that, but being a truly nice guy is just not on there in reality.

Some of the first dating advice I ever got was from a woman who understood herself and women a lot better.

She said: ‘I will only fall for a guy who has the potential to break my heart.’

Wiser words were never spoken.