1. The last person we think about before we go to sleep, is the source of our pain or our happiness
  2. Getting someone to do you a favour, makes them like you more.
  3. Chewing gum can relieve stress.
  4. The people who like the window seat, when they travel, like to be alone.
  5. Any friendship, that was made in the period between 18–24 Y.o, is more likely to be long lasting.
  6. Pretending you don’t ave feelings such as; anger, loneliness or sadness, can mentally destroy you.
  7. The mood where everything irritates you, is an indicator you miss someone.
  8. You can’t change anyone, their actions, words or feelings. However you can change yours.
  9. People don’t listen to the smartest person in the room, they listen to the one who act’s as if they know what’s right.
  10. After 3/4 months of having a crush on someone, you either fall in love or find someone new.
  11. Our brains remember the negatives, rather than the positives. This helps us to better protect ourselves.
  12. Hitting snooze on your alarm can actually make you more tired, than getting up straight away.
  13. Cuteness inspires aggression, which is why, we have the desire to squeeze things that are cute.
  14. If someone is talking to you about a problem, unless they directly ask, they don’t want a solution. Rather, someone to listen.
  15. Creative people get bored easier.
  16. Those that give you the best advice, are those with the most problems.
  17. When someone says ‘I hate you’ or curses you. They really mean ‘you hurt me’.
  18. The larger your signature, the larger your self esteem.
  19. The smaller your handwriting, the less open you are to conversation.
  20. No matter how hard you try. You can never remember how your dreams started.
  21. If you talk to someone in their second, or non native language. You talk to their brain. Talk to them, in their native language and you talk to their heart.
  22. Smart people tend to underestimate themselves. (Lol, that explains it!)
  23. Marrying your best friend decreases divorce by 70%
  24. You look more attractive when you talk about something you are really interested in.
  25. Comedians and funny people, are actually more depressed than others.
  26. Liars detect lies better than others.
  27. The more you talk about someone. The more you fall in love with them.
  28. When telling a lie, adding an embarrassing story or element, makes it seem more believable.
  29. When someone is telling a lie, they move their hands a lot. This is what people do when telling a story!
  30. Most people die in their sleep at 3–4am. Your body is apparently at it’s weakest.
  31. When on Quora, adding a photo to answers get’s the reader more interested.