Just a thought I had writing an email to a fellow expat.

Slovak women act like modern Loreleis. They are responsible for the influx of male foreigners. Male foreigners from the west. Meaning males that come with the pecuniary promise of any region to the west of Slovakia.

You don’t meet a lot of female foreigners from the west here. I guess Slovak males don’t have quite the same appeal. Although Ukrainian women seem to be into them. Maybe to use as a stepping-stone to edge closer to the Promised Lands (The UK, the US, Canada, France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, possibly Denmark, Norway or Sweden in a pinch).

Money on the male’s part and youthful, fertile, fashionable, feminine looks on the female’s part is still what drives the hook-up market. No matter how much romantic sauce one cares to pour over it.

There is a rule in Slovakia. Well, there are too many rules in Slovakia, but one of them is:

The bigger the car the more barbie-esque the Slovak lady driving it.

Especially if the big car is a white car. Not sure why that is. For the same reason wedding dresses are white?