Brian Rose claims that the polls he conducts on the streets of London show his victory is 98 percent sure.

What this proves is that he is only talking to his fans.

I doubt very much Brian has any idea what British people, and more specifically, Londoners are like.

If he did, he would start by dressing down.

The Brits are not going to embrace a smooth talking American in a pin striped suit yapping on and on about almost megalomanic plans from the back of a luxurious private bus.

I am convinced Brian has stayed inside of a cosy bubble people by fans of his show for too long.

He has managed to rally a tribe around himself with people who dream of accomplishing great things and pushing beyond all kinds of boundaries, but most Londoners will be far, far more down to earth and will be put off by all these bombastic antics and tacky attempts at projecting an image of grandeur.

His suits will probably have cost him a hefty sum, but it still looks cheap. The thing you would expect a pimp and villain to wear in a B-movie.

Then there are the plain bizarre videos of him shadow boxing. Am sure there is a niche for those, but it’s hardly what voters expect from a serious candidate.

Others have pointed out that his promises are hard, if not impossible to realize. He has promised to build 50,000 affordable houses in less than a year. Anyone with some knowledge of how local governments operate knows that this is simply a pie in the sky. Brian appears to have zero knowledge as to how intricate the bureaucratic aspect of running a city like London can get. He also seems to overestimate just how much power the Mayor of London has.

His YouTube videos detailing his campaign (usually from the back of his bus that looks more like a limousine in a bling bling hip hop video clip…) get almost no views. Critical comments get deleted. Ironic since Brian claims to be a crusader for freedom of speech.

In one of his videos he confesses to be a terrible communicator.

The job of Mayor will involve quite a bit of communicating, so does that mean that Brian knows he is not up for the job?

Brian Rose has a lot of qualities many people aspire to. He is obviously insanely hard-working and self-disciplined. For many years his show, London Real, rolled out a new interview every week.

Although the guests were often interesting, there were also some odd choices.

It was hard to determine what London Real really stood for.

You could see shady business gurus talking about how to accumulate massive wealth, you could watch muscle guys (a vain pursuit) and then totally humble guys like Gabor Mate or William von Hippel dissecting human behavior and pointing to what humans need to be happy. (hint: it’s not massive wealth and sixpack abs).

I am aware that it’s American pur sang to claim you are absolutely certain to win even if you have no chance in hell, but still, Brian says he is a Londoner.

Well, he isn’t. His vibe is all American, not a touch of Britishness about him.

That’s not a bad thing per se, it’s just different from what he claims.

Brian is set to lose the election in May.

What am worried about is what he will do next.

I doubt he will just happily and humbily return to do interviews.

I am afraid his behavior borders on megalomania and I think after he loses he will have to escalate that behavior.

He has damaged the credibility of his show. I suppose his revenue from ads has plummeted. Many people have called him out for being a scam artists. He asked more than 3,000 euro for his business accelerator class, but could not deliver the promised value.

Brian Rose is not behaving like a successful business. He overreached. I think he had a sort of profitable business at some point thanks to sponsors and ads, but now he must be living off donations. Not to do interviews and create interesting content, but for megalomanic schemes…

In about a month he will have lost the election.

What will be next?

And will his – almost certainly shrinking – fan base continue to fund his overly ambitious plans fueled by hubris?

I am sure Brian wants to mean something to this world. He wants to offer value. At the same time he needs the value he offers to make tons of cash. And there is the rub. I think he could have had a cosy life style ‘just doing’ the interviews, but Brian decided it only made sense to him if he could show himself as some kind of billionaire.

Sometimes less really is more.