So I downloaded the latest album by The Foo Fighters and their previous one. I deleted both of them minutes later. There was no edge to it. I don’t know if it qualifies as rock. I think music like this is why John Lennon came up with the term muzak. It’s elevator music. For what’s hopefully a mercifully short ride.

I lost my virginity to the Foo Fighters. And I consider myself very, very lucky. Imagine remember losing your virginity every time Ariana Grande or some other spunkless, angerless shit comes over the airwaves.

No, I blended with one of the most attractive women I have ever met to the fucking Foo Fighters. Back when there was hunger behind their music.

Now there is just comfort, luxury and quality food behind it and sounds produced by a band that is materially very well off and playing like they could record a fart and make a million dollars more.

There’s something to be said for ‘ending in beauty’.

Dave Grohl says the Foo Fighters is like a family.

I love that.

What I don’t love is that the music they produce is what you would expect to hear at a family get together when dad takes his guitar from the wall and all boys and girls sing along with obscure feel good songs.

No wonder this band played at the inauguration of Joe Biden.

A band that should have retired ages ago playing for a politician that should have retired ages ago.