Am not in touch with any of my cousins, but my mum told me this story today.

One of my cousins has long been neglected by both his parents and lives pretty much alone in the house of his mum in a village in Belgium with a name you won’t be able to pronounce: Erembodegem.

My mum was returning from a shop when she spotted several ambulances and police cars. All her neighbours were standing outside and looking on.

Apparently my cousin had organised some kind of party that got out of hand.

Some of his friends got drunk or got high on laughing gas or something. They went outside in the afternoon and started rolling over the ground and pouring bottles of alcohol over some cars.

Some neighbour called the cops of course and the party animals got handcuffed and taken away. My cousin included. I don’t know if they handcuffed him as well.

He risks a fine of 4,000 euro if they see him as the organizer because you can’t have a party in Belgium at the moment.

If he does get a fine I am pretty sure my aunt Marleen – who has no children of her own – will pay it for him.

Meaning he won’t learn anything from this experience…