I haven’t divided these characteristics into good or bad. What one considers a bad thing someone else may consider to be a good thing. I know foreigners who really like it here in Slovakia and they confirm that all these characteristics are real. They happen to like Slovaks the way they are. I’m pretty sure there are many peoples and cultures on this planet that are warmer, more spontaneous, certainly way more passionate and open-minded, but ok, I supppose those have their down-sides too. I think if one were to make a list of all peoples on this earth Slovaks would rank somewhere a bit above average.

So seriously, this is what Slovaks are like:

  • Scared. Not sure what of…
  • Pessimistic when it comed too new initiatives
  • Envious
  • Distrustful
  • Deeply insecure, though some may try to hide this with macho behavior or many layers of make-up
  • VERY predictable. It’s like they’re all following the same script
  • Obedient workers
  • Hard-working
  • Serf like attitude
  • Not very patriotic
  • Not very tolerant, but too passive to do much against what they don’t tolerate. Many of them don’t like gays, but they will vent their homophobia on social media. They won’t directly confront gay people. Slovaks are too scared to be confrontational
  • Usually cheap
  • Big on cocooning. Meaning that designing their flats or house in the country is quite like their life’s project
  • proud of how much alcohol they consume
  • Seem to smoke more than in the west. Especially some men stink like very cheap cigarettes
  • Usually willing to learn whatever they need to learn to make a bit more money as an employee
  • Children are cherished more than in some other countries
  • There are some very physically attractive women around here. As a newly arrived foreigner you may get the impression that smoking hot women are plentiful around here, but that’s just because those few very hot ones manage to attract your attention. Most Slovak women are quite plain.
  • Harmless, non-provocative, simple humor
  • Shy
  • Extremely unlikely to host parties at home
  • Blame everything on communism
  • Politically unengaged, but demonizing anyone who does get into politics
  • They can be extremely sweet and caring in a sort of neurotic way
  • Possibly more loyal to their friends and family than people in the west
  • Parents tend to be strict and verbally not affectionate. It’s less common for people around here to tell their children they love them. My parents in law who are super nice have NEVER told their daughters they love them. Not even once. This has a bit of a negative effect on them, but the parents do compensate by taking care of their material needs
  • The men get spoilt by their mothers, but neglected and critized by their fathers. The women tend to get criticism from both mummy and daddy. I think it’s often worse to be born a Slovak girl than to be born a Slovak boy, even though Slovak women are much tougher than Slovak men. Maybe because Slovak men were pampered by their mothers and made insecure by their fathers. Slovak women tend to be able to take good care of themselves.
  • Slovak women eventually only care about having babies
  • This is a car obsessed nation.
  • I think people under communism read quite a bit, because there wasn’t much else to do, but nowadays young Slovaks tend not to know anything at all about Slovak literature. If they do read they read foreign books in Slovak or Czech translation
  • Tend to understand Czech really well. There is not a big difference between Czech and Slovak
  • There seem to be fanatic Russophobes and fanatic Russophiles.
  • Don’t know their own history and tend to claim Slovaks were always exploited by other people
  • Bratislava is very different from the rest of the country
  • Slovaks may be kinda predictable, but devout Slovak Christians are insanely predictable
  • Almost always sweet and friendly. Also very grateful when you give them something or do something for them
  • Tend to say they don’t like sugary food and then eat sugary food all the time
  • Tea is very popular
  • Slovaks make their own coffee at home and it’s almost always instant coffee
  • The men have very short hair or no hair
  • God awful movies
  • Not a good place for LGBT couples

Slovakia is an ok country, really. It’s just not an ideal place to meet truly exciting people. It’s pretty decent if you’re looking for a stabile place to settle down or if you want to spend a few weeks here and try to bed one of the local hotties. The latter comes with the risk of staying here permanently and there are like 50 countries on this earth that offer a waaaay more vibrant dating scene.


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