1. We want to upgrade our WordPress formula to the most expensive one which will give us more options and we want to buy some material to also start creating videos so some of the money you donate we are just saving for when we make that step.

2. Some of the money gets spent on books which are then discussed on the site.

3. Some donations are spent on educational material, because this blog deals with the daily challenges of being a private teacher.

4. You basically pay for our time. By donating we feel encouraged to decide to invest time and energy into this site and we feel like we don’t always have to be teaching in order to make money.

The money goes to nothing else.

On a psychological level we find it super motivating to keep going when people donate. It’s the surest sign we are offering something of value.

Ideally enough people would donate so we can make writing and blogging our main occupation which would of course greatly boost the quality of the site.

This site is run in between the hectic rush of the struggle to make a living.

So really, you have no idea how much it means when you donate.