1) What is banned in Japanese restaurants? 

2) What do 15 percent of women do on Valentine’s day in the UK? 

3) Why are there no fires in La Paz, Bolivia? 

4) What happens to the grass when a land slide passes over it? 

5) What animal can be taught to guard sheep?

6) Does Liechtenstein have an army? 

7) What happens to a lake when you put silver into it? 

8) How did Robert Mugabe get lucky in 2000?

9) Who is the biggest land owner in New York city? 

10) What natural phenomenon is called ‘the child’? 

11) How many people have their birthday on the 29th February?

12) Which year was Wikipedia founded?

13) How much does a cloud weigh on average? 

14) How long does an eye lash lasts before it falls out?

15) in 2007 Amanda Knox was accused of murdering her roommate, Meredith Kercher in Italy. What is her status now?

16) What is the documentary series ‘high score’ about?

17) Who was John Demjanjuk?

18) What is a known side-effect of caffeine? A. It causes blot clots B. It prevents the body from absorbing iron C. It puts you at a greater risk to catch the flu

19) What was the Modus Operandi of serial rapist Jeffrey Epstein? A. He paid his victims to get him more victims B. He paid the staff of a massage salon to get him victims C. He selected his victims from an orphanage that he sponsored

20) What does it mean when someone is ‘disbarred’?

21) What is found on many pizzas? A. Fake tomatoes B. Fake cheese C. Fragments of nut shells

22) What disease was celebrity Michael J. Fox diagnosed with in 1991?

23) Which of these is not a Palestinian city? A. Damascus B. Nablus C. Ramallah D. Hebron

24) What is the Japanese name for fireworks? A. Habibi B. Hanabi C. Holebi

25) What does hanabi literally mean? A. Flower shaped fire B. Big bang C. Watch your fingers

26) The Mekong river flows through six countries. Name one.

27) What is the secret?

28) What is the Pixar movie ‘Soul’ about?

29) From which Pixar movie is the line ‘to infinity and beyond’?

30) What percentage of billionares did not graduate from university?

31) The book Miss Ex Yugoslavia starts with a beauty contest where all the contestants are from Ex Yugoslavia. Where does this beauty contest take place? A. Croatia B. Serbia C. Germany D. Australia

32) How many calories are in an egg?

33) In Dutch still water is also known as ‘plat water’ which means ‘flat water’. What can happen if you order this in a Belgian café? A. They will say they don’t have it B. They will bring it on a tray so it is flat C. You will get it, but it will be very cold, come with a slice of lemon and in a wine glass

34) True or false. The US has 5 percent of the world’s population, but creates half of the world’s waste.

35) When Hitler committed suicide he left a political will and appointed his successor. Who? A. His top banker B. His minister of foreign affairs C. The head of the navy

36) After the fall of Berlin Nazi-Germany de facto moved its capital to a different city. Which city? A. Dresden B. Buchenwald C. Aachen D. Flensburg

37) What was the last major city in the hands of the Nazis? A. Paris B. Vienna C. Prague D. Rotterdam

38) What do you call a government form that is based on religion?

39) Bill Gates is said to be a very fast reader. How many book pages can he read per hour according to the documentary Inside Bill’s brain? A. 40 pages B. 70 pages C. 150 pages D. 210 pages

40) How much is he able to remember from what he has read according to the same documentary? A. 60 percent B. 70 percent C. 80 percent D. 90 percent.

41) How did Robert Kennedy, the brother of John F. Kennedy, die?

42) Dave Grohl is an extremely hard hitting drummer. What is proof of this? A. During the recordings of Nevermind in a soundproof recording room the neighbours still complained about the noise. B. An ex band member has sued him because he claims Dave’s drumming made him deaf C. Dave Grohl himself is deaf in one ear because of his drumming career

43) Which of the 12 star signs likes to be in the center of attention the most?

44) Which conflict is the song ‘zombie’ by the Cranberries about?

45) What is one of the first pieces of advice many famous self-help authors are putting out there? A. You should clean up your room B. You should delete all your social media accounts C. You should take cold showers every day

46) Some YouTubers are promoting ‘nightmare mode’? What is it? A. Staying awake to work for 48 hours straight B. Staying away from anything that might raise your dopamine levels, except for work C. Actively trying to get a nightmare by watching a lot of horror movies or documentaries about psychopaths and the holocaust and war. The nightmare is then examined for clues on what you should do with your life

47) What will you get if you say ‘la’ when ordering food in China? A. Rice B. The spicy version of whatever you are ordering C. Nothing, cause you have just insulted the waiter D. A bigger portion

48) In the French movie ‘The first name’ and its German remake a couple has given their son a scandalous name. Which one? A. Dracula B. Adolf C. Bundy D. Voldemort

49) Will non-alcholic beer hydrate you?

50) Does drinking non-alcholic beer raise your dopamine levels?